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Derrick Monasterio transforms garage into a neon industrial home gym

Derrick Monasterio transformed his garage into a neon industrial home gym with the help of Moss Design House.

From a bare garage, Moss Design House renovated the space into a sleek home gym complete with neon lights with motivating quotes written on the wall.

During the first part of the vlog, Derrick told Moss Design that he wants his home gym to have the feel of the club "The Island" and the cycling studio "Ride Revolution."

After seeing the finished product, Derrick said the look and feel of his new home gym has exceeded his expectations.



"Never in my wildest dreams I dreamt of owning a home gym. Been working on this project for months and with the help and expertise of the top interior/event designing company in the Philippines, @mossdesignhouse, it happened. I’m speechless," she wrote.



The Moss Design House was able to finish the renovation and transformation of Derrick's home gym in just three days. 

Wow. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News