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Ellen DeGeneres reacts to RC Cola commercial

The RC Cola commercial that went viral last year has reached “The Ellen Show”!

On Jan. 23, the commercial was featured by host Ellen DeGeneres on the segment, “Ellen and Twitch Guess What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial.”

“I was wondering how they were gonna drink it and that’s how,” Ellen said after watching the full commercial, while her cohost Twitch was speechless before giving a nervous laugh.

“Well if you haven’t started drinking already, then now is the time,” she added.

Herbert Hernandez, guitarist of Moonstar88 and founding partner of Gigil Group, the team behind the ad, has expressed his elation over the feature.

“My gahd! @rccola_ph sa @TheEllenShow waaaaaaaaa!!!!” he tweeted.

Released in November, the commercial became viral and drew polarizing opinions on social media for its unusual and surrealist execution. – RC, GMA News