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Iloilo uses woman biker icon for bike lanes

Different from the usual bike lane icons, Iloilo City uses what seems to be a woman cyclist.

According to some, this is a rare and unique sight, saying it might actually be the first one in the Philippines.

For Ilongga writer-poet bike advocate Early Sol Gadong, "Deviating from the familiar male stick figure used in most street icons in the world, Iloilo City is moving forward: our bike lanes will be featuring a figure riding a bicycle, and their gender will not be immediately obvious."

"The icon features a rider who is significantly bent forward, suggesting a progressive movement with the bicycle. The rider’s legs take the shape of a triangle that neither points up nor down, but simply towards the rider’s direction of movement," she said.

For Sol, the bike lane icon is actually gender neutral. It removes "parts of the frame that are usually attached with the masculine of feminine attributes, leaving only the wheels, to indicate that one’s gender does not dictate one’s role on the road."


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Posted by GMA News on Sunday, 21 February 2021


Iloilo is known for its care for its bicycle riders and this time, it appears that they also want to create a safe space for both men and women.

"There is still a long way to go before we can rid the road of misogyny and gender-based abuses," Sol continued. "But changing people’s mindsets about how the road is meant for everybody is a step worth taking. It may be a small step, but we hope that people see it as a step towards the right direction: inclusivity, respect for everyone’s human rights, and gender equality.

Known as the “Bike Capital of the Philippines,” it has an 11-kilometer bike lane which is also protected by plants and bollards.

In 2018, the city was tagged as the “Most Bike-Friendly City” in the country by the PhilBike Awards. — Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News