How to be a healthier plantito or plantita!

plants at home can be beneficial by bringing a semblance of the outdoors and nature into our homes

We’ve all noticed how there has been a surge in the number of plantitas and plantitos in the recent months, and how having plants at home can be beneficial by bringing a semblance of the outdoors and nature into our homes.

Many find that caring for plants is therapeutic and relaxing while others love the air purifying benefits. This time, we can make planting even more beneficial by involving the whole family and growing our very own fruits and vegetables to supplement the nutritional value of our meals.

Now is the perfect time to start your own backyard garden

When vegetables are fresh, they are more nutritious and delicious. As vegetables are stored, the nutrients in them start to degrade. When you have access to fresh vegetables, those that you can pick off the stem or stalk right before you consume or cook them, then you can have fresher and healthier meals. Growing your own vegetables in your own garden means access to proper nutrition right in your backyard. Knowing how they are grown means knowing they are safe and free from pesticides or chemicals. Harvest them at the right ripeness or maturity when needed and incorporate them immediately into the day’s delicious dish for a truly “farm to table” experience.

Everyone can grow plants – even the youngest members of your family

Show your children how it takes time and effort to grow food. A head of cabbage or the tomato that provides them with fiber and vitamins are not mere store-bought commodities. Show them how all the fruits or vegetables in the garden start from a tiny seed, need water, and sunlight to grow, and most of all, needs time and care before they are finally fully grown and ready to be harvested. When they learn how plants go through stages of growth over time and have a life cycle of their own, the appreciation of investing time and effort helps them understand how food should be valued and not wasted.

How long does it take before you reap what you sowed?

Get ready to plant your own vegetable garden by starting off with the easy-to-grow vegetables you can use in your everyday cooking. These can provide you with ingredients for your home cooked meals in the span of approximately two weeks to a month:

  • Kamote: 14 Days
  • Onions: 20-30 Days
  • Kangkong: 20-40 Days
  • Pechay: 30-40 Days
  • Lettuce: 45-65 Days
  • Kamatis: 55-65 Days

Get your backyard ready for planting. Clear off areas and get it ready with rich soil. If you don’t have a yard, you can repurpose containers like empty plastic bottles, plastic ice cream tubs or pints, basins, egg cartons, or even large, old plastic buckets for root crops that need to grow under the dirt. Place holes in the bottom of your containers for drainage.

For small spaces, these planters can be made at home. Make them with the kids and show them how anyone can find ways to make their own planting spaces and care for plants easily.

Help your kids make these at home! Put holes in the bottom of your plastic tubs, use egg cartons, or make these self-watering planters to start your own home planting project.

Now that you are ready, give your kids seeds or seedlings to plant! Start them off on their journey to growing their own vegetables. Teach them the growth process of plants so you can all monitor the progress of their plants as they grow.

Growing your own produce may take time, but the rewards are many. Aside from getting them fresh, you control when to harvest them so you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables and save money in the process. It is also a great activity you can share with the family, and a good opportunity to teach kids about nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet. When we plant the knowledge of making good and healthy choices in the minds of our children, then it makes it easier for them to lead healthy lives!


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