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22-year-old woman earns million through live online selling

A 22-year-old woman who has earned a million through live online selling is proof that dreams can be achieved through hard work.

On Mariz Umali’s “24 Oras” report Wednesday, Joyce Sibayan said she did not expect to achieve it at such a young age and believed it only after the bank confirmed it to her.

She said her journey was not easy and she went through several failures, including closing her shops, before achieving success.

“Meron pong times na nag-breakdown po ako and nawala nga po ako sa sarili dahil sunod-sunod yung nangyayari din sa business ko,” said the online seller.

[There were times I broke down and went crazy because (the business failures) happened one after another.]

Among the many items she tried to sell previously were chili garlic oil, pre-loved clothes, and cosmetics.

Joyce recalled that she was a “bad influence” when she was younger, to the point that her parents would report her to the police.

She said she drank alcohol, didn’t go home, and her parents would sometimes put her on blotter.

She added that she was an “outcast” at school, which made her question and push herself to do something that she could be proud of.

After several failures, she tried live online selling, and that’s where she found success.

Joyce said what’s important in life was one’s willingness to face challenges.

“Hindi po talaga ako magaling sa academics,” she said. “Ang totoo pong importante sa buhay is madiskarte ka, masipag at matiyaga ka.” 

[I’m not good at academics. What’s important in life is you are resourceful, hardworking and persistent.] – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News