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Here’s the full clip of Bretman Rock’s hilarious screams on Bella Poarch’s ‘Build a B*tch’ music video

Apparently, Bretman Rock didn’t just make a cameo on Bella Poarch’s hit music video “Build a B*tch,” but he also lent his iconic sass and humor.

On Friday, the Filipino-American TikTok sensation released an audio clip of Bretman just screeching at the top of his lungs hilariously and screaming, “run, bitch, run!”

The clip would sound familiar to anyone who had seen “Build a B*tch” because it was featured at the end of the music video, when people were running away from a burning building and a voice could be heard screeching and screaming “run!” amid the chaos.

Sharing the audio clip, Bella wrote, “for everyone asking about Bretman screaming in my music video ... enjoy.”

Bretman quickly reshared the clip and replied, "LMFAoooooooooo I hate you."

Aside from Bretman, many other celebrities made cameos on Bella’s music video, such as social media personality Mia Khalifa and half-Pinay video game streamer Valkyrae.

Bella’s debut single “Build a B*tch” is no doubt a hit as it became YouTube’s number 1 trending video for music and garnered more than 16 million views just a day after it was released. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News