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Song Kang reveals he lost 5 kg for ‘Nevertheless’

Song Kang revealed that he lost weight for his role on the upcoming romance series “Nevertheless.”

During the series’ media conference on Friday, “Nevertheless” producer Kim Go Ram said Song Kang played Park Jae Eon, who looked “sharp and thin” on the webtoon the series was based on.

According to Song Kang, his character “looks like a nice guy but he has a very icy cold point.”

“I wanted to convey this through him and I thought I wanted to be a little sharper so I went on a diet,” said the actor, who also starred on “Sweet Home.”

Song Kang said he lost around five kilos.

Go Ram added, “Jae Eon looks sharp and thin on the webtoon that’s why Kang tried ... they wanted to show the viewers the best visual possible. They tried really hard and I want to give them a big round of applause.”

“Nevertheless,” a romance drama series based on a webtoon of the same name, revolves around young art student Yoo Na Bi, played by Han So Hee, who doesn’t believe in love after the disastrous end of her first romance, but still wanted to date.

Meanwhile, Song Kang’s character Jae Eon enjoys flirting with many women but doesn’t believe in dating exclusively. The two have different wants, but nevertheless they find themselves drawn to each other.

The much awaited series is set to premiere on Netflix on June 20 with new episodes every Sunday. – RC, GMA News