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Klea Pineda plans to study aeronautics, become a pilot and inspire more women

Klea Pineda is going to be a step closer to her dream of becoming a pilot!

During her virtual contract signing ceremony on Wednesday, the actress revealed that she had been planning to study aeronautics in college once she’s finished with her current acting project.

“I planned to do it this year but I suddenly had a project and I wanted to grab this opportunity, but for sure I’ll soon start college studying aeronautics,” she said.

Klea shared that although no one in her family was a pilot, what inspired her to become one was the adrenaline rush and the empowering feeling of being in a male-dominated field.

“I really like the adrenaline rush and the feeling that you can do things that people commonly think are for men, so it’s empowering for girls that we, women, can do what men do,” she said in Filipino.

“It’s also to inspire other women because some are shy or they doubt themselves and think some things are just for boys,” she added.

Aside from the adrenaline rush, the actress said that she also wanted to be a pilot so she could help people travel safely to their loved ones.

In February, Klea shared a photo of herself in a plane’s cockpit and revealed that she wanted to become a female pilot and push the envelope for women in aviation. – RC, GMA News

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