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Pinoy community library wins international award in Venice

In the spirit of the Filipino trait, bayanihan, a community in Bulacan with the help of two architects set off on a project that resulted in a library that was recently given an award at the Venice Architecture Biennale, according to a report on "State of the Nation" on Thursday.

The architectural design of the community library-resolution space was drawn up from the concept of a community in Angat, Bulacan distinctly reflects unique Filipino traits.

The same community also engaged in the construction of the project.

"The word maaliwalas kept coming up. So, as we know this is a Filipino concept of space, which is used to describe spaces that are bright, open, airy, well-vetilated," said Sudarshan Khadka, one of the architects who help the community. The other architect is Alexander Furunes.

"They (community) actually used the term "bayanihan" actively in the way that they build their houses and they way that they do the farming and also the way that they maintain the spaces around the village," said Khadka.

He also said that the community identified their need for a space for the children to study after school and for people to mediate some conflicts among themselves.

Furunes said the project was a means for the people to come together and have a shared goal.

Furunes and Khadka have been in different places around the world promoting the concept of mutual support through architecture.

Their entry was brought to the Venice Architecture Biennale for the competition, which gained special mention as National participation honor. This is the first award for the Philippines.

"The fire may take away the building, but the stories will remain in us forever," said Khadka. -- BAP, GMA News