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Meet the 3 handsome actors who will make your heart flutter on ‘The King’s Affection’

Get ready to fall in love with a new palace romance drama coming to Netflix this Monday, Oct. 11.

The King’s Affection” follows an abandoned female twin who ends up disguising herself as her crown prince brother who has passed away.

The young and vibrant cast is led by Park Eun Bin (“Hello, My Twenties!”) who plays the fierce crown prince, Yi Hwi, who is secretly a woman.

There are also three handsome up-and-coming actors set to make your heart flutter in this one-of-a-kind historical drama:


Rowoon as Ji-Un (Photo from Netflix)
Rowoon as Ji-Un (Photo from Netflix)

SF9’s Rowoon

Rowoon plays Ji-Un, the royal tutor who becomes intertwined in a secret romance with Prince Hwi.

He’s known as a talented performer from K-pop group SF9, but he has also established himself as a promising leading man after playing Haru on Netflix’s romantic series “Extraordinary You.”

In a press conference on Friday, “The King’s Affection” director Song Hyun Wook said he was very impressed by his performance, as well as his confidence and commitment to his role.


Photo from Netflix
Photo from Netflix

Nam Yoon Su

Nam Yoon Su plays Hwi’s kind, gentle and warm-hearted best friend, Yi Hyun.

This striking actor and model previously appeared on Netflix’s hit drama “Extracurricular.”

Apart from his handsome smile, director Song said he was impressed by Yoon Su’s previous work and had him in mind “from the beginning.”


Photo from Netflix
Photo from Netflix

Choi Byung Chan

Choi Byung Chan plays Ga-on, Prince Hwi’s trusted bodyguard who is always by his side.

The young actor and singer debuted as a member of the K-pop group Victon.

According to director Song, he is quite the mysterious character as he “speaks with his eyes” and does not show how he really feels.

“The King’s Affection,” written by Han Hee Jung, premieres this Monday, Oct. 11, at 10:30 p.m. Philippine time on Netflix. – RC, GMA News