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Why are arowanas believed to bring good luck? Kuya Kim answers

For many years, arowanas are thought to bring good luck. Where did this belief come from?

On Wednesday's "24 Oras," Kuya Kim said the idea stemmed from the observation that these creatures resemble the Chinese dragon, which symbolizes good luck, strength, and good health.

Among the arowanas' features that are similar to dragons are their scales and fins.

According to Kuya Kim, the Asian Arowana, which grows to around 32 to 36 inches, is believed to be the luckiest of all as some say it came from China. They are usually found in the Amazon.

Compared to other kinds of fish, arowanas aren't priced based on their size. Instead, sellers base it on their markings, form, and where they are from.

In the Marikina pet store visited by Kuya Kim, the most basic is the silver arowana which costs just below P1,000. Following it is the gold arowana, which is usually priced at P5,000 or higher.

Meanwhile, the most expensive type is the spoonhead arowana which costs P250,000. It is named after its concave-shaped back.

Arowanas are carnivores and are normally fed with superworms by pet owners.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP, GMA News

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