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Nintendo launches official website for the Philippines

Nintendo has finally launched its official website for users residing in the Philippines.

The video gaming giant shared the development on its Facebook page Tuesday, attaching the link going to the newest site.

"Hello, this is Nintendo," the introduction read. "We are pleased to announce the launch of the 'Nintendo Official Website' for residents of Philippines."

"We will provide various information about Nintendo, including Nintendo Switch console, game software, and characters from game series such as 'Super Mario,' and 'The Legend of Zelda.'"

Apart from being a source of information on all Nintendo games and updates, the new webpage is also a place to provide support for all inquiries that users may have.

A Nintendo Official Website was also launched for Malaysia residents, which follows the opening in Thailand.

The updates came months after Nintendo opened a Facebook page specifically for Southeast Asia.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP, GMA News

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