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SEVENTEEN’s ‘Be The Sun’ Manila concert: The light amid darkness

With everything that transpired over the last two years, SEVENTEEN returned to the Philippines with a goal of surrounding their Filipino fans with bliss through their “Be The Sun” concerts in Manila.

Each show spanned nearly three hours, with the band performing over a dozen songs, washing away every bit of longing and sadness from CARATs, who filled the entirety of MOA Arena over the weekend on October 8 and 9.

On the first ment of the Oct. 9 show, the K-pop band laid down their goal for the evening: “Any troubles you have gone through over these past few years, we’re gonna shine the light," Joshua said to a field of adoring fans, who jumped, screamed, and sang — sometimes all at the same time.

From screaming their hearts out in the opening number “HOT” to raving like in a party during “VERY NICE,” not once did the energy falter.

According to Jeonghan, it helped him give his best.

“I really had fun because you guys were so energetic. It seems like I’m getting all those energy too,” he said minutes before the group’s second show ended. But that's getting ahead of the story.

Apart from thrilling, fun, and calming stages, each member generously showed love to their fans, whom they haven’t seen in person for two years. From making sure the audience was safe, to giving the spotlight to those at the highest seats to urging urged everyone to party, SEVENTEEN proved how dear they hold their fans in their hearts.

“Because we don’t see each other often, these kinds of days are really important to me. I hope you bring all the good memories we had today,” Seungkwan said in Korean in the last ment.

Of course, they also didn’t let everyone leave without asking the fans if they enjoyed the show. And like what the CARATs answered, SEVENTEEN felt the same.

“We performed for two days in Manila. I was really happy. I will not forget this good memory and come back as soon as possible,” Mingyu said.

“Kita tayo ulit. Babalik kami ulit. Masaya ako [Let's see each other again. We’ll return. I’m happy],” Woozi added.

Also composed of Hoshi, Vernon, Wonwoo, The8, S. Coups, Jun, DK, and Dino, SEVENTEEN had their “Be The Sun” concerts in Manila on October 8 and 9. Their last visit was in 2020 for “Ode to You.”

Thank you, SEVENTEEN. ’Til next time! — LA, GMA News