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Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, Baby Amari nail 'Stranger Things' Halloween costumes

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, and Baby Amari dressed up in "Stranger Things" costumes for Halloween, and they nailed it!

On Instagram, Sunday, Coleen shared a slideshow of their photos posing as characters from the hit Netflix series.

Billy is a very convincing Will Byers, Coleen is Eddie Munson, while Baby Amari is a very cute Eleven!

"Didn't wanna break our little tradition, so we did what we could. Also made the most of Amari's (too short) haircut and took his photos before we left Manila," Coleen said.

The Crawford family is currently in France, where Billy is competing in the "Dancing with the Stars."

Even so, that did not stop them from absolutely slaying their Halloween entry this year.

"[Billy] said he couldn't dress as any of the kids because of his beard. I told him he was wrong," Coleen quipped about her husband.

As Will, Billy cleverly hid his beard by recreating Will's emotional scene in the car with Mike and Jonathan in Season 4.

Happy Halloween, Crawfords!

—MGP, GMA News