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SEVENTEEN makes history in Bulacan concert: 'Told you we'll be coming back'

How to describe "Be The Sun in Bulacan" in two words? Aju Nice.

SEVENTEEN is back in the Philippines less than three months since their last visit and made history with their highly-anticipated additional show as part of their tour's Asia leg.
The South Korean band was the first solo K-Pop group to ever perform in Philippine Arena, the world's largest indoor arena with a seating capacity of 55,000, on their jam-packed December 17 show.

"Told you we'll be coming back," Hoshi said in a field of screaming fans.

Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

Despite the pouring rain hours prior to the concert, the energy of Filo CARATs, their fanbase, remained unmatched as they sang and danced along with their idols during the three-hour show.

"Your energy is so great! But, of course, your health is much more important," Wonwoo reminded oh so sweetly. "So please monitor yourselves so you won't get sick."

Aside from their smashing group performances, SEVENTEEN also served burning unit stages beginning with the performance team, vocal, and ending with the hip-hop unit.

The crowd got even wilder when the group made a surprise number of "Cheers" by none other than the beloved leaders' unit composed of S.Coups, Hoshi, and Woozi.

Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

Every member also performed snippets of their songs such as "Clap," "Don Quixote," and "Change Up."

"Be The Sun is coming to an end and is actually overwhelming," Mingyu said. "But even though it's coming to an end, we're still happy right now."

Reminiscing their first concert in the Philippines in 2016 where they only had 1,000 attendees, each member said their endless thank yous to all of their fans who filled up the arena, carrying memories to cherish for a long time.

"I think all of the Philippine Carat who came here today is like a big gift for me," group's maknae, Dino said.

Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment
Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

And of course, the concert will not draw to a close without the CARATs' turn to surprise the boys!

Apart from their successful fan project by singing "Campfire" in unison as they carry banners which read "thank you for making this moment our happiest memory," they also wished SEVENTEEN's Joshua an advance happy birthday for his special day on December 30.

During the encore, the energy doubled as everyone shook the place down by dancing to SEVENTEEN's interactive song "Snapshoot" and "Aju Nice" for the last time.

"I will cheer for you until the end," SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups said in his parting message. "Next year, again, I think it would be much better if we meet up again at a bigger venue. And we will come back with a better show, with a much better view."

With a promise to come back next year, the boys took a final bow.

Question is how soon is next year? No matter when, we'll wait for you, SEVENTEEN!

—MGP, GMA Integrated News

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