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Felip, or Ken from SB19, drops debut EP 'COMPLEX'

Felip takes listeners on a new journey to his innermost thoughts and psyche with his debut EP “COM • PLEX,” which was released today.

The singer tells an interesting story throughout the record, with lyrics written in both English and Cebuano. The record shows his growth as an artist and aims to let fans keep doing their own thing, and embrace the complexities of life.

"ROCKSTA" functions as a prologue with this heavy instrumentation, followed by "SUPERIORITY," a track inspired by the character Daiki Aomine from the Japanese anime “Kuroko no Basket.” His notable trait revolves around self-improvement.

“MICTEST,” which Felip says is perhaps his favorite track, is a Cebuano hype song.

This is followed by “DRINKSMOKE” and “CRIMINAL,” melancholic tracks that tell a story about a low point and bouncing back through self-acceptance. Finally, “STRAYDOGS” leaves a strong, concluding message to not be affected by what people throw at you.

“As artists, sometimes we are filtered to express our thoughts. This EP is a way for me to send a message, and express my feelings,” Felip said.

He also announced a series of activities to promote the EP, which includes a radio tour in Cebu, a live showcase in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, and a new music video for “STRAYDOGS” coming out on February 10.

Born Felip John Suson and also known as Ken, he is a member of P-Pop group SB19 who went on a world tour last year.

“COMPLEX EP OUT NOW” is the top trending topic on Twitter Philippines on Friday. —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News

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