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Bretman Rock pokes fun at his pet chicken for having the same hairstyle as the singer Sia

Did Bretman Rock just raise a Sia-inspired chicken?

On Monday, the Filipino-American content creator took to Instagram to share a video of one of his chickens with a similar hairstyle as the “Chandelier” hitmaker.

In true Bretman fashion, he sang a verse of “Chandelier” while filming his chicken running around his house’s garden.

He also went out of his house to follow around his chicken with Sia’s song “Unstoppable” playing in the background.

Bretman has consistently been sharing what everyday life is like taking care of more than 40 chickens at home.

Previously, Bretman shared a video of himself using a karaoke mic to call the attention of his chickens. Unsurprisingly, it was a hit among netizens.

Last month, the social media celebrity went home to the Philippines to hold book signing events for his self-memoir “You’re That Bitch.”

In 2022, Bretman was among Forbes magazine’s Top 50 creators.



— Hermes Joy Tunac/ LA, GMA Integrated News

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