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'Voltes V: Legacy' makes fans cry in most emotional episode yet

Spoiler warning for those who have not yet watched the latest episode!

Fans of "Voltes V: Legacy" let their tears flow on Tuesday evening as the series aired its most heartbreaking scene.

Dr. Mary Ann Armstrong, played by Carla Abellana, made the ultimate sacrifice to save her sons Steve, Big Bert, and Little Jon, who were all piloting the Voltes V robot.

Voltes V was fighting Boazanian beast fighter Vaizanger, but it got trapped in chains and was unable to free itself. Meanwhile, Camp Big Falcon was also under attack from the Boazanian skull ship.

Mary Ann flew a fighter jet herself to help her sons, refusing to return to base even when her colleagues tried to stop her from going on the suicide mission.

She crashed her aircraft right into the head of Vaizanger, allowing Voltes V to finally break free from the chains.

The Armstrong brothers wept, but Steve (played by Miguel Tanfelix), channeled his grief and rage to pummel Vaizanger with Voltes V's fists and eventually finish him off with the laser sword.

Fans were all praises for the actors, tweeting their reactions under the hashtag #V5LegacyRiseArmstrongBrothers, which reached no. 1 on the Philippine trends.

The hashtag #VoltesVLegacy, Miguel Tanfelix, and Mary Ann were also among the trends list.

"This is one of the most tear jerking episodes in Philippines TV history!" said one fan.

"Sobrang sakit. Damang-dama ko 'yong pag-iyak ni Big Bert at Lil Jon," said another.

Miguel and Carla received huge props as well for their performances.

"Miguel Tanfelix showcases his acting prowess. Binitbit niya talaga ang lahat ng requirements para sa karakter ni Steve Armstrong," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Wala talaga akong ibang maisip na artista na pwedeng gumanap sa role ni Dr. Mary Ann Armstrong kundi si Carla Abellana lang. Sobrang fit sa kanya ang role," added another.

"Voltes V: Legacy" airs weekdays on GMA Telebabad at 8 p.m. after "24 Oras." It is also livestreamed on the GMA Network YouTube channel and

Can't watch in real-time or do you live outside the country? Check this out for more information on where to watch "Voltes V: Legacy."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News