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Valeen Montenegro, Dasuri Choi draw laughs in newest ‘transition’ video

Valeen Montenegro and Dasuri Choi are back for another witty video!

On Saturday, Valeen posted another video entry from her drafts featuring her fellow "Bubble Gang" mainstay, Dasuri.

"I forgot I had thisss in my drafts," Valeen wrote in the caption.

The two used an audio file that directed them to show themselves in baggy clothes and then in a bikini.

However, Valeen and Dasuri seemed to have misunderstood the instruction, drawing laughs in the comment section.

The two have also been making hilarious TikTok videos, including dance covers.


@valeentawak Nakalimutaaaan ko nasa drafts ko paaaalaaa ???????? @dasurichoi__ @managerphoi ? What It Is - Solo Version - Doechii

Their most recent one is an entry to Doechii’s "What It Is" audio. —Carby Basina/VBL, GMA Integrated News