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Here's what Japanese fans have to say about 'Voltes V: Legacy'

"Voltes V: Legacy" has wowed not just the Filipino audience, but also viewers from the homeland of the original "Voltes V."

On Twitter, one user asked Japanese fans for their message to the directors, staff, and cast of show.

As of posting, the tweet attracted over 200 comments from Japanese users expressing their gratitude and admiration for the live action adaptation.

"I am very happy that Voltes V is widely loved in the Philippines as a generation that watched it in real life when it aired. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning Voltes V into a wonderful live-action film full of love," said one fan in Japanese.

"Until now, there have been many live action adaptations of anime, but I don't think there are many that show such respect and love for the original. I belong to the generation that watched the anime version that was born in Japan in real time. Thank you," said another.

Some fans said they want to watch the series with Japanese subtitles, while others hope that a "Voltes V: Legacy" event can be held in Japan.

Others, meanwhile, praised the quality of the show.

"I was numb with the profoundness of Dokugaga. That quality for the enemy mecha," one fan said. "I also welcome the fact that Voltes [V], born in the Philippines, transcends the original."

"I don't think a Japanese artist would be able to produce such a high-quality work. I feel that the work is full of love. Thank you for sending good things out into the world!"

One fan said Julie Anne San Jose should collaborate with Mitsuko Horie, the original singer of "Voltes V no Uta."

Another, meanwhile, applauded the cast for giving life to the characters.

"All the characters seem to have stepped out of the anime! I can't wait to see what happens with the number of stories that have increased from the original anime!"

"I want to be proud of you. The home of Voltes [V] is Japan and the Philippines," said another.

"Voltes V: Legacy" airs weekdays on GMA Telebabad at 8 p.m. after "24 Oras." It is also livestreamed on the GMA Network YouTube channel and

Can't watch in real-time or do you live outside the country? Check this out for more information on where to watch "Voltes V: Legacy."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News