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'Sang'gre' first concept art revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

The first concept art for "Sang'gre: Encantadia Chronicles" has been revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Director Mark Reyes shared the good news on Instagram, posting the concept art which features Bianca Umali dressed in a Sang'gre battle costume.

Bianca commented on the post with a leaf emoji, seemingly confirming her role in the upcoming series.

According to Direk Mark, "Sang'gre: Encantadia Chronicles" is slated for 2024.

The director, who attended the San Diego Comic-Con for "Voltes V: Legacy," said that production for "Sang'gre" will start very soon.

Last year, Direk Mark posted what seems to be a teaser poster for the series. Highly acclaimed writer Ricky Lee was also announced as part of its creative team.

Bianca recently shared a training video of her practicing moves with a staff that can be broken into a pair of arnis sticks.

The weapon is the same one that Sang'gre Danaya, played by Diana Zubiri in 2005 and Sanya Lopez in 2016, used in the "Encantadia" original and remake.


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—MGP, GMA Integrated News