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'Drag Race Philippines' S2 premiere night: 5 'Boogsh’-worthy moments

"Drag Race Philippines" Season 2 is finally here!

Ahead of its launch, Xylo Manila, in partnership with HBO Go, held a "Drag Race Philippines" Season 2 premiere night on Tuesday, where the exciting first episode was screened. 

But because "Drag Race" is "Drag Race," the premiere night was as eventful as eventful could get. Eva Le Queen even had a moment with guest judge Rajo Laurel!

Below are five 'Boogsh’-worthy moments that took place.

Races, start your engines, indeed!

1. Queens from "Drag Race Philippines" Season 1 reunited


Before welcoming the drag queens of Season 2, beauties from Season 1 came to support.

Spotted during the event were Precious Paula Nicole, Brigiding, Viñas DeLuxe, Minty Fresh, Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Prince, Gigi Era, and Lady Morgana.

2. A surprise performance from Precious Paula Nicole 



Season 1 winner Precious Paula Nicole opened the festivities by performing her "Sirena" number, the song that made her win against Marina Summers during the "Lip Sync for your life" portion of the finale.

3. Paolo Ballesteros officially welcomed S2 with her opening line

Mama Pao ushered in a new season of "Drag Race Philippines" by stating her opening line, "Racers, start your engines, and may the best drag queen, win!" complete with her iconic "tilaok" scream.



4. The introduction of Season 2 queens

After watching the first episode of "Drag Race Philippines" Season 2, the 12 competing queens each had a chance to introduce themselves on a mini-runway, starting with Arizona Brandy, Captivating Katkat, M1ss Jade So, Matilduh, Nicole Pardaux, Tiny Deluxe, Astrid Mercury, Bernie, Deedee Mariè Holiday, Hana Beshie, ØV CÜNT, and Veruschka Levels.



5. The launch of the Season 2 anthem: "Boogsh"

"Drag Race Philippines" had already released the official song of the second season titled "Boogsh" and during the premiere night, viewers had a quick preview of the queens' performances of the original song.



"Drag Race Philippines" Season 2 is set to start streaming on HBO GO and Wow Presents Plus every Wednesday, beginning on August 2. — LA, GMA Integrated News