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Sandara Park excited to go back to Cebu: 'Finally!'

Sandara Park is ecstatic to return to the Philippines and perform in Cebu this September.

The Pambansang Krung Krung is part of the concert, “Awake: A New Beginning” in Cebu on September 23.

On Instagram, Sandara greeted her followers with "Maayong gabii (Good evening)," and shared why she's so excited.

“I used to visit Cebu almost every week for mall shows before but sobrang tagal na ako hindi nakabalik sa Cebu," she said. "[But] finally!!!!! I’m going back~!!!”

She added, “Magkita tayo lahat sa Cebu~!!! Gimingaw ko nimo (I miss you)[.]”

Sandara was last in the Philippines in early August to perform at a concert for a tech brand. She was able to enjoy her favorite Jollibee meal and went on a theme park ride.

In June, Sandara and her fellow K-Pop stars also explored Clark, Pampanga to film a variety show titled “Idol Truck.” Sandara said she is “so happy” to still be recognized in the country after all these years.

Sandara released her self-titled debut EP last July, which includes the song “Festival.”



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—Sandara Park/JCB, GMA Integrated News

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