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Shaira Diaz, EA Guzman get inked by BTS' tattoo artist

Shaira Diaz, EA Guzman get inked by BTS' tattoo artist

Shaira Diaz and EA Guzman's new ink was done by BTS’ tattoo artist!

On Instagram, Shaira shared photos from their session with POLYC SJ, the artist who also did the boy band’s “7” friendship tattoos.

Shaira said that her new tatt is inspired by her label as the Kapuso Morning Sunshine.

“I told him to create something that has to do with ‘the morning sun/morning sunshine’, and he came up with this beautiful geometric design. Super love the details and creativity,” Shaira said in her Instagram caption.

“It was so nice meeting you. Thank you for your time, Oppa,” she said. “P.S. please send my love to Jungkook."

Fellow Kapuso star and BTS ARMY Mikee Quintos also got tattooed by POLYC SJ during her trip to South Korea last year.

Shaira and EA sure look like they are enjoying their vacation in South Korea. The couple posted a dance cover of "3D" outside the HYBE Building in Seoul and also headed to the N Seoul Tower for the famed love lock experience.

Shaira also fangirled over her BTS bias Jungkook. She posed next to his photo wearing a bride’s veil.




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News