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NCT 127 to Filipino fans: ‘We’ll always be there for you’

NCT 127 to PH fans: ‘We’ll always be there for you’

NCT 127's show was slated to start at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, but thousands of Czennies were already at the Philippine Sports Stadium as early as 10 a.m. to support the K-pop band's first Philippine stadium show.

Fans of all ages, team labas and team concert all came together in their best concert OOTDs, with many of them doing fan projects and giving away freebies.

When the clock struck six, the adrenaline rush started to kick in, with Czennies chanting NCT 127’s name.

To tease them even more, their song “Fact Check” played in the venue and it was met by a loud sing-along from the fans. 

Minutes later, the stadium turned pitch black, a signal that the show was about to start. And boom. NCT 127 came out in the flesh and opened their Philippine show with “Punch.” A wild roar from the crowd engulfed the whole stadium for their electrifying performance. 

They followed it up with hard-hitting tracks “Superhuman,” and “Ay-Yo.” For their opening set, NCT 127 also charmed the attendees with their vocals through the songs, “Space” and “Time Lapse.”

When it was time for their much-awaited opening ment, the members greeted the Czennies, who attended the venues and expressed their gratitude for the wonderful night. 

“Did you guys miss us a lot? We got the moon up there. We got the stars down here,” Johnny said, referring to the moon to fellow member Moon Taeil who skipped the entire “Unity” tour due to a motorcycle accident, and the fans as the stars. 

Meanwhile, Doyoung expressed how thankful and touched he was when he saw the fan project that his Filipino fans made for him.

“I saw the plane that you prepared, I’m so thankful and touched. We want to show our full energy tonight. Are you guys ready? Thank you! Let's have fun tonight.” he said. 

In case you are wondering, PH Doppu (Doyoung’s fan club name) even rented a plane that flew around Philippine Sports Stadium for an hour carrying the banner “PH Doppu Always With Doyoung.”

If you think the members already gave it all with their exhilarating performance, think again. NCT 127 took a break, changed their clothes, and returned with a more bombastic performances. They entered the stage riding a mini-firetruck to kick off their “Firetruck” performance. 

But there’s more to that.



Before ending the night, the group pulled off three hard-hitting performances for their last set: “Kick It,” “2 Baddies,” and “Fact Check” accompanied by the loud fan chants of NCTzens that shook the whole stadium. 

As they bid goodbye to their beloved fans, the group performed their encore songs “Promise You” and “Be There For You.” 

In his ending speech, Johnny promised two things to NCTzens: first that they will be back, and second, that the boys will always be there for them.

“Thank you, Philippines! We’ll be back! Remember, NCT 127 will always, ALWAYS, be there for you!” he said. 

It was a simple message that resonated with the fans, but a comforting and enduring one that Czennies surely will remember in their lifetime. 



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