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Sandara Park sings 'Someday' by Nina karaoke-style

Sandara Park sure knows how to entertain her friends, Pinoy style!

The K-pop idol posted a Dara Tour vlog about her recent trip with fellow 2NE1 member Minzy in the Philippines. After a long day of touring Manila, Dara and her friends hung out in her hotel room.

Sandara then got a Bluetooth mic and went all “feel na feel” as she sang Nina’s “Someday” as if she were at a concert. Dara also showed off her soft and smooth vocals to the classic heartbreak song, complete with R&B adlibs.

“I love you, Manila! Mahal ko kayo!” Sandara said after her song.

In the same vlog, Sandara and Minzy went shopping and ate lots of Filipino food.

During their time in the Philippines, Sandara and Minzy explored a mall in Makati City and went to the beach in Batangas.

Sandara is one of the guest stars in the second season of “Running Man Philippines.” She also visited the Philippines last February.

In 2023, she performed at BamBam’s concert and guested on “It’s Showtime.” —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News