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#PINNED: Where to buy BTS merch in the Philippines?

To spare you the agony of looking for trustworthy merchants, we’ve gathered shops that are perfect to take note of for your growing collection or even

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When the global phenomenon such as BTS entered the music scene, it’s undeniable that the K-Pop group along with their Army of fans were on the rise for world domination.

Their music knows no age or gender as it’s through their charismatic wit, outstanding talent, optimistic message, and love for fellow members and Army that make fans fall in love with them. It doesn’t matter when you discovered them, cause you find BTS at a time when you need them most.

Regardless of being a new or old stan, it’s good to have go-to shops you can rely on for merchandise. With the overwhelming amount of drops from Army bombs, albums, clothing or plush toys, you want your merch to be official and to come with freebies of course!

To spare you the agony of looking for trustworthy merchants, we’ve gathered shops that are perfect to take note of for your growing collection or even for gift ideas.

Shop Pink Fairy

Photo courtesy of Shop Pink Fairy

Photo courtesy of Shop Pink Fairy

This fairy godmother has sprinkled all her pixie dust to help get your hands on the latest merchandise. Shop Pink Fairy not only sells BTS merch, but offers personal shopper services from Korea and Japan whether it’s from a website or physical store.

But wait! They have on-hand items to accommodate those who want to receive their orders much faster, and need last minute gifts. Buyers can also arrange express delivery, which takes 3-5 days after ship out from the shop’s supplier.

Are you ready to make your purple dreams come true?

Lila Studio Manila

Photo courtesy of Lila Studio Manila

Photo courtesy of Lila Studio Manila

The fan made merchandise we wish we thought of—Lila Studio Manila was formed by three friends who wanted to take a break from the responsibilities of medical school, and shared a love that is Bangtan Sonyeondan.

If you’re looking for uniquely designed items, they’re definitely a shop to visit. Everyday pieces such as tees, bucket hats, tote bags, mugs, and even BTS event kits, carefully conceptualized to achieve an aesthetic that will instantly please customers.

Lila takes orders in batches, which they announce on their Instagram page. Production and shipment of orders take 2-3 weeks in total. They might even have something in store for this year’s 2021 Muster on June 13. Definitely something to look forward to!

Pearl Pop PH

Photo courtesy of Pearl Pop PH

Photo courtesy of Pearl Pop PH

Do you have a copy of BTS’ last album ‘BE’? You better add to cart from Pearl Pop’s on-hand sale before new albums are on the market yet again!

They even offer customer assistance when purchasing an Army Membership, which gives you access to exclusive merchandise and content.

The shop has taken pride in becoming a full-blown business, coming up with a collection of item designs inspired by the band’s music.

Ohkayganda Gift Shop

Photo courtesy of OhkayGanda Gift Shop

Photo courtesy of OhkayGanda Gift Shop

Piles and piles and piles! That’s all we can say for this shop that takes an overwhelming amount of orders—satisfying Armys around the Philippines.

The Ohkayganda Gift Shop has dreams of scaling up one day through a physical store with a wide variety of on-hand items. But for now, they also offer their own line of fan made products like alcohol bottles, key rings, face masks, caps, and Spotify scannable phone cases.

Korean Cosmos

Photo courtesy of Korean Cosmos

Photo courtesy of Korean Cosmos

If you haven’t seen Hybe Insight, Korean Cosmos will take you on a trip to the home of K-Pop bands with items that are straight out of the brand new museum.

Don’t worry, despite the long trip, they make sure that their products are well secured so you can receive it in good condition!

On-hand items are also available, which you can purchase on their website.


Photo courtesy of SEOUMNL

Photo courtesy of SEOUMNL

With the dream of being an outlet solely for clothing worn by BTS, SEOUMNL decided to add other merchandise to their selection due to popular demand.

The BTS Dicon magazine is one in a long list of Army must haves! With exclusive photos of the band’s members, which are perfect to stare at, use as display, or a coffee table book substitute.

You can access SEOUMNL’s on-hand items on Instagram.

Customers can request any BTS or BT21 items from these shops, as long as availability from suppliers is confirmed. They make sure to source their products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United States or accredited websites like Weverse Shop or Line Friends.

It can take at least a month or a while longer for orders to arrive, especially with the ongoing pandemic. But that doesn’t matter for the Army, because receiving your package can provide a sense of closeness to your bias (or bias wrecker that is), which makes it all worth it.

Who knows? There might even be a BTS store in the works!

Now that you know where to go, this will give you something to look forward to and save for in the future. Happy shopping, Army!


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