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Two Muji stores now have free water refilling stations

Plastic pollution is among the biggest environmental problems the world is facing today. It's become so pervasive that not only are plastics choking our seas, microplastics have been found in salt and most recently in human blood

While carrying a reusable bottle has been touted as among the easier solutions to the problem of plastic pollution, a lot of people forgot that reusable bottles can only work as a solution to the plastic problem if there were refilling stations available for people to reuse their bottles with. 

So hearing Muji Philippines announce that two of its stores in Metro Manila has free water refilling stations is a relief!

On social media, the Japanese brand said its water refilling service is now available at the Greenbelt 3 and Mall of Asia Muji stores.

The best part about this? You don't have to buy or be carrying a Muji water bottle to avail of the service.

"Customers who have their own reusable water bottle or Muji water bottle are encouraged to use the water refilling station," it said.

"With all Muji stores having their own water refilling service inside the store, we can work together to reduce plastic waste and help conserve the environment," it added.

In 2018, the United Nations reported Philippines to be one of top 5 plastic polluters of the world.  

Here's hoping more establishments like malls and office buildings follow suit! — LA, GMA News