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Stray Kids make their Met Gala debut in dapper suits

Stray Kids make their Met Gala debut in dapper suits

Stray Kids made a dapper debut at the Met Gala 2024.

The K-pop group wore dark coats, with custom Tommy Hilfiger suits underneath. The eight members were dressed in various Hilfiger’s trademark colors of navy blue, red, and white with elegant floral details to follow the dress code, The Garden of Time.

“Representing Tommy Hilfiger as eight members for the first time on the Met Gala carpet is truly a rare and honorable moment for us,” Felix told British Vogue.

Seungmin agreed that their Met Gala debut was an “unreal” experience.

“Tommy Hilfiger was a brand that I loved growing up, so it’s unreal to me that I grew up to become the model for the brand and even attend the Met Gala as its ambassador. It is such a great honor,” he said.

Hilfiger told the magazine that dressing Stray Kids “has been one for the books.” He added that since each member has a unique style, they were dressed in a cohesive look that would still highlight their individual personalities.

“One of the special things about Stray Kids is each member has a completely individual style, and they all complement each other perfectly. This enabled us to design a sartorially cohesive yet distinctively personalized ensemble for them, reflecting their different personalities,” Hilfiger said.

“The outfits blend our classic American cool style with floral and botanical details that pay homage to the story by JG Ballard and the time flower at the center of the tale. It was tailored with a distinctive Tommy twist to make this one night to remember,” he added.

Han also said that attending the event was an amazing opportunity and thanked their fans.

“We couldn’t have done it without Stays, our fans, for always supporting us.”

This year’s Met Gala follows the theme Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, which is also the name of the new fashion exhibit. It aims to present the multisensory aspects of fashion, that aside from the way a garment looks, also explore how they look, sound, smell, and feel when worn.

The official dress code is The Garden of Time, and personalities are expected to wear nature and botanical-inspired looks.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraiser for the museum’s costume institute and is also the opening of its annual fashion exhibition.

Stray Kids was in the Philippines in December 2023 to perform and be awarded at the Asia Artist Awards. They also had concerts and a fan meeting in Manila that same year.

The MTV VMA winners are best known for the songs “God’s Menu,” “MANIAC,” “S-Class,” and “Venom.”



—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News