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Summer in Siquijor: 11 things to do in the Island of Fire

The sleepy island of Siquijor is no longer the  dreaded province it once was.

While it’s still known for alleged witchcraft and faith healing, Siquijor today loved by locals and tourists for its mystical mountains, pristine beaches, quiet surroundings, and that glorious sunset of amazing, warm colors.

Getting to Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire) is pretty easy. Fly into Dumaguete and take a 60 minute ferry ride. It will get you to Siquijor port, where tricycles — the only means of public transportation on the island — are already waiting to take you to your hotel of choice. 

If you’re looking for an island adventure with the charm of the countryside but without the hordes of tourists, Siquijor might just be the paradise you’re looking for.

Here are just some of the things you should definitely experience when in Siquijor — and no, it does not involve the infamous “tayog-tayog” or ghost ship.

— LA, GMA News