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Andi Eigenmann calls out Siargao tourists to clean after themselves after 'a fun night of inuman at the beach'

Andi Eigenmann wants Siargao travelers to be responsible tourists.

Andi, who’s been living in Siargao with her fiance Philmar Alipayao and their daughters Lilo and Koa, took to Instagram to call out Siargao travelers to pick up their trash after they have their fun on the island.

“The least you could do is be mindful enough to take [your] leftover alak and kalat with you after you enjoy fun night of inuman at the beach,” the former actress turned lifestyle vlogger wrote on Instagram Stories, where she posted a photo of a tree stump littered with a bottle of alcohol, and a plastic bag filled with soda cans, water bottles, alcohol cans and more.

Unable to keep her irritation and annoyance at such an irresponsible act, Andi posted the same ugly photo in her next IG Story and asked, "or did you expect our Sea Patrol kids to be the [ones] to pick up after your trash?”

Ever since Andi relocated to Siargao, she has advocated keeping the island clean and tourist-friendly.

After Typhoon Odette devastated Siargao in December 2021, Andi even donated her YouTube earnings to help rehabilitate the province.

Here's a reminder for everyone to please take better care of the environment. It starts with throwing your trash in garbage cans. — LA, GMA News