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Bretman Rock gets stung by a stingray during Palawan trip

Not even a stingray can stop Bretman Rock from having the time of his life!

Currently in Palawan, the content creator and beauty guru recounted a day at the beach, which was filled with tons of adventures.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Bretman fucking Rockwell[.] His day consisted of, driving the boat, snorkeling and getting stung by a [stingray], paddle boarding and kayaking[.]”

Bretman told a fan in the comments section about how it felt to be stung on his foot.

“I honest thought I stepped on something sharp at first but I knew I had to get out the water when I started to feel throbbing up to my head, when I got out I had 2 stings and that’s how the locals knew it was a [stingray],” Bretman said.

The internet star said putting ice helped a lot, but they ran out on the boat ride back to shore.

“I was legit rethinking my life,” he said.

Thankfully, locals put on some plant medicine which healed his foot.

Despite the setback, Bretman looks happy in his photos and videos in Palawan, where he is vacationing for a belated birthday celebration.

Before landing in the Philippines, he was able to do a full beauty routine. Bretman was also able to try out fire dancing at the beach.

In July, Bretman celebrated his 25th birthday with a “Night of a Thousand Bretman Rocks” theme party. He also did a Barbie-inspired photoshoot to commemorate his special day.

Early this year, the content creator also visited the Philippines to hold book signing events for his first memoir dubbed “You’re That Bitch.”

Bretman is also one of the guest judges of the second season of “Drag Race Philippines.”




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News