Lotto Results

2D 9PM

Thursday July 04, 2024

Here's the lotto result of 2D 9PM released by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)

Winning Numbers



Jackpot Prize



Using the 2D Lotto playslip, select a set of two (2) numbers from a field of 1 to 31. You may also play the Lucky Pick (LP) if you do not have any number in mind. After marking your chosen numbers, mark the amount that you’re going to play for each combination. Play amount varies from 10.00 to 500.00 inclusive of 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

You can also mark “Rambolito” if you want to play the 2D Lotto System bet. The minimum play amount is 10.00 per 2-number combination.

In playing via Advance Draws, mark how many consecutive draws you want to play in the DRAW panel. You can play the same numbers and play type for six (6) consecutive draws. Pay 10.00 for each play per draw.

For more info, visit the PCSO 2D Lotto page.