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PHL ICT sector to grow at a faster pace beyond 2018

The country’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector is expected to develop and grow at a faster pace in the coming years, global market intelligence firm International Data Corp. (IDC) said on Wednesday.

IDC expects public and private sector concerns to help speed up growth of the ICT sector.

“It is good to see more Filipino enterprises have a growing appetite for digital technologies. Technology is not merely a tool, but an enabler for business leaders,” IDC Philippines head of operations Jubert Alberto said during a press briefing in Taguig City.

“The country’s ICT development has been showing significant progress from both the public and private sector domains. The combined efforts of these two stakeholders will usher in a period of rapid and robust technology adoption,” he said.

IDC also unveiled its top ten predictions for the Philippine ICT sector for 2018 and beyond:
  • Disruptive chief information officers (CIOs) setting the tone of development
  • Demands from new borderless economy pushing enterprises to re-skill manpower and upscale jobs by 2021
  • CIOs to shift cybersecurity focus toward “authentication and trust” for improved handling of business risks by 2019
  • Digital technology at the center of business operations, driving change in workspace trends
  • Retail and financial technologies and services integrated into daily lives, riding on digital transformation
  • Customized and personal approaches to customers become standard practice among enterprises in the next two years
  • Innovations in payments and remittances to continue by 2019, driven by the unbanked sector and sustained growth of remittances
  • Business process outsourcing firms going for digital transformation to gain competitive advantages in the market
  • Enterprises with analytics and customer insights incorporated in marketing to lead the market in the next five years
  • Enterprises to “mature” in terms of digital transformation adoption in the next 12 to 36 months

“Moving forward, becoming a digital-native enterprise is the next major step for Philippine organizations that want to be successful in a very competitive global digital economy,” Alon Rejano, market analyst and IT services lead at IDC, said. —VDS, GMA News