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NTC gives SEAR, PT&T appeal on disqualification the thumbs down

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has denied the motions for reconsideration of SEAR Telecommunications Group and Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (PT&T) regarding their disqualification from the third telco selection process.

In separate statements on Tuesday, SEAR and PT&T said they were given the thumbs down on Monday, November 12.

SEAR Telecom was disqualified when its bid documents, opened on November 7, did not include required participation security of P700 million.

“The request of the movant to submit its participation security after the November 7 deadline and after the Selection Packages have been opened is tantamount to a modifaction of its Selection Documents,” the committee said.

In a regulatory filing submitted by PT&T lawyer Kenneth Maceren, the telo said it is now reviewing other options.

The committee noted on November 7 that PT&T’s bid documents did not include a certificate of technical capability.

In a separate statement, SEAR said the NTC Selection Committee completely missed the very point and purpose of the selection process “which is to choose a New Major Player that is fully qualified, undoubtedly eligible, and one that had no hindrance or limitation in its ability to participate in the bidding.”

For its part, PT&T is not yet sure of what course of action to take.

It has appealed the disqualification, saying the lack of a certificate of capability is the subject of a “petition for declaratory relief” it filed on November 6 before the Regional Trial Court of Makati City Branch 134.

“The PT&T management and its legal team are currently reviewing the Selection Committee’s denial of the Motion for Reconsideration to determine the next course of action that the company will take,” PT&T president and CEO James Velasquez told GMA News Online.

“We will be advising the stakeholders on the next steps that the company will take as soon as the same is decided by the management,” Velasquez said. —VDS, GMA News