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Marcos: Toyota plans to bring back 'Tamaraw' to Philippines

TOKYO — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has welcomed the plan of Japanese carmaker Toyota to bring back its popular Tamaraw model to the Philippine market.

Marcos had a meeting with Toyota executives on Friday, according to the Presidential Communications Office.

"Many of the Tamaraws you've recently built are still on the road," Marcos told Toyota officials, describing the Tamaraw model as the company's "workhorse."

The President said the Tamaraw brand has been known in the Philippines for decades. 

"We have always been appreciative, especially of the involvement of Toyota in the Philippines over so many years, and I think the mutual experience between Toyota and the Philippine and the local markets has been a good one, and the partnership we can look to as a success," he added.

"It is very interesting to hear your new plans for the Philippines, and it's very much in alignment with what we're trying to do... we are hoping we are able to improve the situation for your supplier to be able to come in to the ease of doing business," Marcos said.

The chief executive said the Philippine government is also looking to acquire one model of the Toyota brand, the Mini-Cruiser, for the use of the military.

"It's something we would like to revisit, simply because we have tried many utility vehicles for the military, but they really [have] not been a success for us," Marcos said. — VBL, GMA Integrated News