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PHL might lose favored trading partner status with EU if slays continue, delegation says

A seven-member delegation of the Progressive Alliance and Party of European Socialists has called on the Duterte administration to put a stop to the thousands of killings blamed on its continuing war on drugs.

According to Sandra Aguinaldo's report on "24 Oras", the delegation warned that the Philippines' Generalized Scheme of Preferences or GSP Plus status among European Union countries might be affected if the killings would continue.

"The responsibility falls squarely on President Duterte. He will be responsible in straining trading  relationships with the international community," Deputy Secretary General, Party of European Socialist.

With its GSP Plus status, 6,200 products from the Philippines enjoy tax-free entry into the EU.

The delegation also criticized the administration's supposed attempts to silence dissent.

"The Philippines needs to be focused on the rights of all citizens and especially the rights of all women to be doing their jobs defending the rights of Filipino citizens," said Thomas Melia, former US deputy assistant secretary of state for democracy and human rights. —NB, GMA News