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How to avail of DOLE's financial assistance program for workers affected by Luzon quarantine

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has unveiled a P1.3-billion financial assistance program for 250,000 Filipino workers who stand to temporarily lose their source of income due to the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine. 

DOLE’s Order No. 209, series of 2020 or “Guidelines on the Adjustment Measures Program for Affected Workers due to Coronavirus Disease 2019” describes the program as a “safety net program that offers financial assistance support to affected workers in private establishments that have adopted flexible work arrangements or temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The program covers workers in private establishments affected by the COVID-19 from its onset in January until the lifting of stringent social distancing measures on April 14, unless extended.

How much is the financial assistance?

A one-time financial assistance equivalent to P5,000 shall be provided to affected workers in lump-sum, non-conditional, regardless of employment status.

Affected workers can avail the financial assistance through their employers, which are micro, small or medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Who are eligible to apply?

The applicant must be a private establishment that has implemented flexible work arrangements or temporary closures due to COVID-19.

What are the requirements?

Affected establishments must submit the following:

  • Establishment Report on the COVID-19 pursuant to Labor Advisory No. 9 Series of 2020
  • Company payroll for the month prior to the implementation of flexible work arrangement or temporary closure

What are the procedures?

Applications with complete documentary requirements shall be submitted online to the appropriate DOLE Regional Office or any of its provincial/field offices.

Applications shall be evaluated by concerned DOLE Regional Office within three working days from receipt thereof.

The following depending on the status of evaluation shall be issued to the applicant by the concerned DOLE Regional Office within three working days through e-mail:

  • For approved application: Notice of Approval
  • For denied application: Notice of denial

How the financial assistance can be disbursed?

The concerned DOLE Regional Office shall issue the financial support directly to the beneficiary’s payroll account through bank transfer withi two weeks upon receipt.

A notice of completion shall be issued to the affected establishment within three working days through e-mail.

Who will be denied of the financial assistance?

An applicant may be denied if it is ineligible, misrepresented facts in the application, or submitted falsified or tampered document. --KBK, GMA News