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DA: P5.48B worth of rice, P85.62M corn ‘saved’ due to early Ulysses advisories

Farmers were able to salvage billions of pesos worth of crops due to early weather advisories in relation to the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, the Department of Agriculture (DA) said Thursday.

“Due to the early advisory of DA, a total of 69,716 hectares of rice have been saved from CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) and Regions II, III, and IV-A with an equivalent production of 341,812 metric tons amounting to P5.48B,” the Agriculture department said.

“As for corn, a total of 1,550 hectares have been saved from Regions I, II, and III with an equivalent production of 6,758 metric tons amounting to P85.62M,” it added.

The DA said it is in close coordination with concerned national government agencies, local government units, and other disaster risk reduction and management-related offices for the impact of Typhoon Ulysses and available resources for interventions and assistance.

It is also coordinating with water management-related agencies for flood risk monitoring and dam water release.

“Close monitoring for possible damage and losses that may be incurred in the agri-fisheries sector is also ongoing,” the DA noted.

“As of today, no damage and losses in agri-fisheries have been reported yet,” it added.

The agency said updates will be given as soon as reports are forwarded from affected regional field offices.

The DA assured affected farmers and fishers of the following available assistance:

  •     A total of 104,544 bags of rice seeds; 10,223 bags of corn seeds, and 1,149 kgs of assorted vegetables from DA Regional Field Office
  •     Drugs and biologics for livestock and poultry
  •     Survival and Recovery (SURE) Loan Program of Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC)
  •     Indemnification fund from Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) to pay for the losses incurred

“The DA-DRRM Operations Center will continuously provide updates regarding TY Ulyssses,” it said.—AOL, GMA News