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Marcos highlights role of barangays in sustainable agriculture, addressing hunger

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. underscored the role of barangays in addressing hunger and promoting sustainable agriculture even at the small-scale level.

On Wednesday, Marcos graced the launch of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior and Local Government's "Hapag Kay PBBM" or the "Halina’t Magtanim ng Prutas At Gulay sa Barangay Project/Kadiwa Ay Yaman/Plants for Bountiful Barangays Movement."

In his speech, Marcos expressed confidence that through this kind of project, "we will further increase our capacity to take part in our goal to address poverty, ensure food security, and protect the environment even at the barangay level."

"This is a good beginning but we must continuously come up with more innovative solutions to address hunger and make nutritious food available to every Filipino," Marcos said.

"Also, there is the key role of barangays as they are the essential partners in the national government in this endeavor. Given their awareness of the needs of their constituents, they are well-positioned to find and implement solutions that best fit their context, their conditions, and their circumstances," he added.

Marcos noted that amid the challenges of food shortages and price hikes, there is a need to "rethink our supply system."

"I'm grateful that these two agencies have taken on the challenge and have found innovative solutions through the Hapag kay BBM," he said.

"With the fusion of these two programs, I am certain we will be able to quickly and effectively promote urban agriculture in the entire country and to foster greater ties among residents at the barangay level," Marcos said.

Meanwhile, the President, who also sits as Agriculture Secretary, vowed that the government would continue to provide support to local government units in ensuring food security.

"Rest assured that this government remains committed to providing our people with access to fresh, nutritious food at an affordable cost," Marcos said. — RSJ, GMA Integrated News