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BSP traces two to four hackers behind ‘Mark Nagoyo’ account

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has traced two to four persons behind the “Mark Nagoyo” account with the Union Bank of the Philippines where the funds siphoned from BDO Unibank Inc. account holders were transferred.

This development was confirmed to GMA News Online by BSP Deputy Governor for Financial Supervision Sector Chuchi Fonacier.

Asked to confirm BSP’s Technology Risk and Innovation Supervision Department Director Melchor Plabasan’s statement during a One News interview that “two to four persons” were behind the fictitious bank account, Fonacier answered in the affirmative.

“Yes!” the BSP official said, noting that “investigation is still ongoing.”

In his interview, Plabasan said that the persons behind the “Mark Nagoyo” accounts were not employees of either BDO or UnionBank.

Over the weekend, victims took to social media to report unauthorized withdrawals made from their BDO accounts and transferred to the accounts of a certain "Mark Nagoyo" with Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP).

The funds taken from BDO account holders were reportedly transferred to the fictitious accounts to acquire cryptocurrencies.

The BSP has formed a task force to investigate the incident. The task force was given 30 days to come up with a recommendation regarding possible sanctions and penalties.

The central bank earlier said it is looking into the matter and is in close coordination with both BDO and the Union Bank of the Philippines.

BDO said Tuesday it is now processing the reimbursement of close to 700 clients affected by the recent incidents of unauthorized bank transfers.

The Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) over the weekend called on the public to be more vigilant against cyberattacks.—AOL, GMA News