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Timeline of the murder case vs Leviste

January 12, 2007: Former Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste shot dead his long-time employee, Rafael de las Alas, inside the LPL Tower in Makati City.

He complained of hypertension hours after the shooting and was rushed to the Makati Medical Center.

Leviste admitted to Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and the police that he killed de las Alas "in self defense." He was however unable to provide details about the incident, claiming that he was not feeling well. The police gave him time to rest.

January 14, 2007: Makati PNP said Leviste refused to undergo a paraffin test.

January 15, 2007: The family of de las Alas asked the National Bureau of Investigation to help investigate his killing. Two gunshot wounds in the face killed de las Alas, according to initial reports on the findings of the police autopsy. De las Alas sustained five gunshot wounds in all.

January 17, 2007: UP College of Medicine forensics expert Raquel Fortun conducted a re-autopsy on de las Alas' remains upon the request of his family. Fortun's re-autopsy showed that de las Alas sustained a defense wound in the arm.

January 18, 2007: The Makati City Prosecutor's office charged Leviste with homicide. The case was filed at the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 150. Leviste's camp posted bail (P40,000).

January 19, 2007: Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez personally received a letter from the de las Alas family, who requested the Department of Justice to reinvestigate Rafael's death.

Gonzalez told media the day before that murder, not homicide, charges should be filed against Leviste.

January 21, 2007: De las Alas was laid to rest.

January 24, 2007: Leviste showed up in court for his arraignment. The court, however, did not proceed with the arraignment because the de las Alas family wanted a reinvestigation of the case.

It was the first time Leviste and the de las Alas family met since Rafael's death. Leviste attempted to approach the de las Alas family after the hearing but they turned their back on him.

January 31, 2007: DOJ began a reinvestigation into de las Alas' death. A re-enactment of the shooting was conducted at the crime scene.

February 2, 2007: DOJ recommended the filing of murder charges against Leviste.

February 7, 2007: Makati police arrested Leviste. He was detained at the Makati City Jail.

February 23, 2007: Leviste was rushed to the Makati Medical Center due to internal bleeding.

February 28, 2007: The court gave its nod to Leviste's petition to stay at the hospital while undergoing treatment for his condition.

March 7, 2007: The court denied the Leviste camp's request for "hospital arrest".

March 21, 2007: Leviste did not enter a plea during his arraignment for murder at the Makati RTC Branch 150.

April 25, 2007: Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay took the witness stand and recounted the details of Leviste's surrender on the day of the shooting.

May 21, 2007: The court allowed Leviste to post bail (P300,000).

May 23, 2007: Leviste walked out of Makati City Jail a day after receiving the order for his release. He proceeded to his office at the LPL Tower.

December 13, 2007: The court allowed Leviste to leave the country to attend the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia but stipulated that he should return within a given period. Leviste returned to the country within the month.

January 23, 2008: Leviste took the witness stand and maintained in his testimony that he shot de las Alas in self defense. He said de las Alas had money problems.

Between March to May 2008: De las Alas family members testified in court that Rafael was happy and was not acting out of the ordinary on the day he was killed.

Leviste's camp had been claiming that Rafael's behavior was abnormal and that he seemed very agitated prior to the shooting.

July 16, 2008: The prosecution wrapped up its case.

September 16, 2008: The defense wrapped up its case.

January 14, 2009: The Makati Regional Trial Court found Leviste guilty of homicide in the death of de las Alas.

Makati RTC Branch 150 Judge Elmo Alameda ordered Leviste to pay the de las Alas family P50,000 in civil damages and an additional P50,000 in moral damages.

Although charged with murder, Leviste was convicted of a lesser offense because the court held that the shooting to death of de las Alas did not appear to be premeditated.

February 22, 2010: Upon the request of his family dentist and the approval of the NBP Hospital, Leviste was allowed to leave his detention cell to visit the dentist in Makati City.

May 18, 2011: Leviste was caught inside his office at the LPL Tower in Makati City, far away from the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa City. When authorities asked him why he was out of prison, Leviste claimed he no longer can bear his aching tooth and had an appointment with his dentist. He was re-arrested and slapped with fresh charges of evasion of service of sentence. He was transferred  from the minimum security compound to the medium security compound.

May 21, 2011: A joint DOJ-NBI team found "disturbing" shortcomings  in the way officials of the NBP secure their minimum-security inmates in the sprawling 366-hectare compound in Muntinlupa City. The team learned that the "hut" were Leviste used to stay as a "sleep-out" prisoner sat on the edge of a lagoon that has no perimeter fence.

July 11, 2013: The DOJ dismissed five jail officials and officers from the NBP for grave misconduct, gross neglect of duty, and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of service. The sacked individuals included former chief superintendents of the NBP and former OICs of the Minimum Security