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Vape blast survivor hopes to speak again through speech therapy

Vape explosion survivor King Sardea is on his way to recovery and hopefully will be able to speak again with the help of a speech therapist, according to his mother.

Grace Sardea said his 17-year-old son can now sit up on his own and will likely undergo speech therapy, following an incident where his vape exploded in his face causing serious injury to the lower part of his face.

Until then, the 17-year old will have to communicate via hand signals and text messages.

When asked if he will continue vaping, King signaled no.

His mom also showed to GMA News the fragments of the vaping battery and bones that were removed from King’s gums during surgery a few days ago.

The Department of Health, the World Health Organization, and the Philippine E-cigarette Industry Association have already called for the regulation of vapes.

There is currently no law or agency tasked to regulate vape use, 24 Oras had reported earlier. — MDM, GMA News