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Underground Chinese clinic discovered in Makati after waste clogs drainage


Police on Tuesday raided yet another underground and unlicensed medical facility used to treat Chinese COVID-19 patients, this time in Makati City.

According to a 24 Oras report by Dano Tingcungco, authorities found medicines, syringes, and equipment for coronavirus testing, most of which had Chinese labels.

Makati Police chief Police Colonel Oscar Jacildo said the underground clinic had no business permit and the Chinese doctor working there had no license to practice in the Philippines.

“The way we see it may mga ibang related illness pa na they’re trying also to address,” Jacildo added.

Makati Police said they were tipped off about the clinic by reports of the drainage frequently clogged by hospital waste.

“This may prejudice the health of our upcoming patients if they are treated wrongly because walang authority to practice,” Jacildo said.

The Chinese doctor and assistant doctor made no comment to the media.

Charges are being readied against the two foreigners.

Meanwhile, the four Chinese patients who were at the clinic at the time of the raid will be checked by the Makati Health Office.

A seven-bed underground hospital exclusively for Chinese COVID-19 patients was earlier busted in Pampanga. 

The warehouse supplying medicines to the said facility was also raided. 

Malacañang has expressed alarm over the presence of these secret and unlicensed medical facilities exclusive to Chinese nationals.  — Julia Mari Ornedo/BM, GMA News