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Ate Vi on family, infidelity, and politics

From marital problems to the controversial Binay farm, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto sheds light on issues in her exclusive interview with “Bawal ang Pasaway.”

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto has been married to Senator Ralph Recto for 27 years. For the first time on national TV, the Star for All Seasons revealed that even a marriage as long as theirs had its troubles and shortcomings too.

The other woman

No marriage is perfect. Many may think that the relationship Ate Vi has established with Sen. Ralph Recto for the past 27 years is without trouble. However, there was a time when  her husband had an affair, a fact Gov. Santos-Recto broke exclusively to Mareng Winnie. 

“One time, umamin [si Ralph na nambabae siya]. Ayun, pinatawad ko naman,” Gov. Santos-Recto said.

“Kasi ang malas niya, napangasawa niya ako na nasa entertainment world. Kahit saan siya magtago, kilala ako, matsitsismis siya,” she added.

Gov. Santos-Recto did not reveal any other detail. She is sure of two things, though: her husband
learned from his mistake and he does not have a child with any other woman.

Family comes first

When asked about the status of her family and personal life, Gov. Santos-Recto answered that her family is doing well and her husband and children come first.

“Ang family ko ang first priority ko. Kasi I'm a wife and a mother before I became a public servant. Second priority ko lang ang public service,” Gov. Santos-Recto said.

Gov. Santos-Recto has established a routine to balance work and family. Mondays are People's Day at the capitol, a day she dedicates to all the Batangueños she serves. She performs all her gubernatorial responsibilities for the rest of the week. 

Gov. Santos-Recto also mother to Ryan, her 19-years old son with Sen. Ralph; and to Luis Manzano, 33 years-old, her son with actor Edu Manzano. She considers her weekends sacred and devotes it to her family.

Despite her busy schedule, Gov. Santos-Recto remains to be a hands on mom to Ryan. She even said that at times, she and Sen. Ralph would fight over their son. 

There are instances when Sen. Ralph would tell Ryan what sport to get into and what to focus on as he grows up. Gov. Santos-Recto, however, does the opposite, wanting her son to always have a choice. This is when she would get into an argument with Sen. Ralph. 

“Hindi po kami maghihiwalay [ni Ralph] dahil sa babae, kundi dahil kay Ryan,” Gov. Santos-Recto jokingly said.- Gerald Vista/BMS/JJ