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Foreigners take presidential candidates at face value   

YouTube star Mikey Bustos has posted a video of foreigners judging the presidential candidates for the upcoming National Elections on May 9 and the two female aspirants get the tita-tag...but not just any tita.

"She looks like a sweet aunt who is going to make cookies for me," one said of independent candidate, Sen. Grace Poe.

Meanwhile, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago gave the impression of being "a cruel auntie."


Ironically, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte seemed like a drug lord to one of the respondents. 

Vice President Jejomar Binay could apparently pass as a Peruvian (or Yoda from "Star Wars") and, because of his glasses, Liberal Party bet gave an "intellectual" vibe. 

Roxas' glasses also earned him the title "most trustworthy." 

Poe was voted "wealthiest looking" and Defensor-Santiago looked toughest. 

Bustos employed the help of Safiah Serenit Kilby (England), Megan Bowen (US), Lili Andrews (US), Edward Avila (US), Juan (Colombia), Nalu (Mexico), Yao Ming Jiao and Yuan Rui (China), Li Mu and Shi Hui (China), Thanpisa Jantanakool (Thailand), Sang Yeon (South Korea), and Marco Ferrara and Jang Bora (Italy). 

"Don't judge a book by its cover lang," Bustos reminded the public. 

"If you're in the Philippines, know your Philippine Candidates well and don't forget to vote!" — APG, GMA News

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