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Votes allegedly added to Leni, Mar’s tallies more than their totals in Quezon

One of the whistleblowers in the supposed election fraud in Quezon province has alleged that he and his cohorts manipulated the poll results to add hundreds of thousands of votes to those of Vice President-elect Leni Robredo and administration standard bearer Mar Roxas.

However, the figures he presented in a news conference on Monday and in an interview with GMA News on Sunday didn't match, Victoria Tulad reported on "24 Oras."

Moreover, some of the figures that he said were added to the Liberal Party tandem were also more than the actual votes Roxas and Robredo received in Quezon.

The witness Bert, who was presented by civil society leader Pastor "Boy" Saycon, said on Monday that the "dagdag-lipat" operation caused 400,000 votes to be added to Roxas' tally, and 300,000 to Robredo's total.

On Sunday, the same witness told GMA News that 500,000 votes were added to those of Roxas. He added that 500,000 votes were shaved off from Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s votes and added to Robredo's total.

Roxas only received 205,791 votes in Quezon while Robredo hot 385,164.

Marcos placed second in a close race for the vice presidency. Robredo won the elections with only a little more than 260,000 votes.

Roxas, on the other hand, was a far second in the presidential elections. Duterte had more than 16 million votes while Roxas had over nine million.

There are 1,124,090 registered voters in Quezon. There were 936,359 ballots in the province in the last elections. —NB, GMA News