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Tindig Pilipinas spreading lies to push selfish agenda —Andanar

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar on Sunday slammed cause-oriented group Tindig Pilipinas for allegedly saying that President Rodrigo Duterte has become "paranoid and insecure" as evidenced by his threat to establish a revolutionary government.

"That’s their opinion and we don’t share it. We have been working closely with the President and we can assure you that his mind is sound," Andanar said.

"These sort of comments from his detractors only take away attention from more vital issues of the state. We’re confronted with threats all around —from possible conflict in [North Korea] to terrorism from within, in addition to natural calamities and criminality."

He said that the group is "spreading lies to push a selfish agenda."

But the lies "will not weaken the resolve of the President to carry out what he promised to do —reduce crime and corruption, provide better services for the poorest of our people, and raise the country’s international reputation by showing it cannot be cowed into accepting agreements against its best interests.”

Tindig Pilipinas on Friday said that Duterte is "losing his grip," after the latter had threatened to declare a revolutionary government in case destabilization move continues.

"Only a paranoid and insecure little man afraid of losing power will rationalize the need to impose a revolutionary government upon the people," the group said in a statement.

"The paranoia is evident. It is manifested in the slide in the surveys, from the increasing numbers of the various forms of protests, from the massive pushback on social media and from the President's increasingly irrational, indefensible and incoherent stances," it added.

The group on Saturday also launched a signature drive urging Duterte to sign a bank secrecy waiver to end doubts on his alleged multi-billion peso bank accounts which the latter had denied repeatedly.

They also held a rally at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City which was attended by the members of the opposition including Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Tindig Pilipinas is an alliance of groups including: YouthResist, EveryWoman, The Coordinating Group, NGO-PO Alliance, Business and Professional's Group, Akbayan Citizen's Action Party, and the Magdalo party-list group, along with the members of Senate Minority and House Independent Minority. —LBG, GMA News