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PPCRV: Unaccredited assistance desks prohibited at voting centers

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting on Sunday reminded the public that setting up assistance desks at voting centers without the accreditation of the Commission on Elections is not allowed on Monday, election day.

“Bawal din po yung magsasagawa o magse-set up ng mga kubol o mga lamesa, maski na yung in the guise of voters' assistance,” PPCRV director Arwin Serrano said in his interview on Super radio dzBB.

Serrano pointed out that only PPCRV has the accreditation from the Comelec to set up a voters’ assistance desks at voting centers.

“Ang tangi lamang na accredited ng Comelec na magsagawa ng  voters’ assistance especially on election day ay PPCRV lamang po.”

According to Serrano, even non-government organizations (NGOs) that were recognized by local governments are not also authorized to set up help desks.

Aside from the setting up of voters’ assistance desks, Serrano also reminded the public that dissemination of campaign leaflets, even sample ballots, is prohibited during election day.

Also, Serrano said that setting up stalls giving away free food items is also prohibited. —Joviland Rita/LBG, GMA News