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GMA's Eleksyon 2019 graphics is a data visualization delight


Much has been made about the immersive graphics that featured prominently in GMA News and Public Affairs' special coverage of Eleksyon 2019, with netizens expressing their admiration for the efforts.

With a brand new, state of the art setup, the coverage pulled out all the stops to wow viewers with creative animations.

But it's not just all sizzle. The graphics served a purpose — to help users visualize data that provided key context to the 2019 midterm elections.

The immersives, for example, allowed GMA News and Public Affairs pillar Jessica Soho to take viewers through the turnout among Filipino voters from back in the 1986 snap elections up to the 2016 presidential polls.


Along the way, she also took a "side trip' through Malacañang Palace to talk about the history of Philippine elections.

Watch the video for more highlights from the coverage. —JST, GMA News